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EL84 Guitar Amplifier

Recently I’ve designed and built a simple yet very nice playing guitar amplifier. I’ve designed it keeping in mind that I don’t wanna distortion: it’s…

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EL84 Holder 3D printed

I’ve made this cute 3D printed holder for EL84 tubes. It’s compatible only with western made tubes not Russians/Eastern block because holes  are 22mm diameter….

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12V to 6kV High Voltage transformer

The primay power source in my home made X-Ray machine is an high-voltage high-frequency transformer. This transformer is drived by a Mazilli ZVS circuit and…

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X-Ray dental film ECO 30

Hello! I’ve tested this “Dentalfilm ECO30” and “Ergonomix” with my improvised X-Ray machine. Them are self developing film for X-Ray imaging of dental implants etc….

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X-Ray machine V1

Finally I’ve made it! Yes, I’ve built an X-Ray machine for non destructive inspection of circuits and objects. The level of radiation generated by this…

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CsI(Na) cutted and polished at home

June 2020. After some time searching around on the net for a scintillation material that I can shape at home, I’ve found a Dutch guy…

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DIY Scintillation probe: 63x63mm NaI(Tl)

Some time ago I’ve won a 63×63 NaI(Tl) crystal for around 80€ at eBay. It is an SDN52 a special crystal designed to be heat…

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SI-31G geiger

This is the biggest geiger tube I have seen! I’ve bought one for 25€ at eBay. Glass tube, thermostable. Cathode: tungsten powder. Length of the…

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Lead castle

A lead castle, also called a lead cave or a lead housing, is a structure composed of lead to provide shielding against gamma radiation in…

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OST 40x40mm NaI(Tl)

I’ve finally tested my brand new 40x40mm NaI(Tl) crystal from OST making with it a new probe for my lab. This time I’ve tested epoxy…

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