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Some usefull doc’s for scintillation materials. Scintillation materials and assemblies   NaI(Tl)

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This is a collection of very interesting pdf’s about photomultiplier tubes.  They talk about how PMT’s are built, works and everything about the physisc behind…

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LYSO crystal scintillators

Hi! Some time ago I’ve bought some 4x4x22mm LYSO Crystals to make a scintillation probe or just to test they. From the manufacture: “LYSO crystal…

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MadExp PMT adapter

You can download the Madexp PMT adapter Kickstarter version manual here: manual UPDATE 18 Feb. 2018 I’ve analyzed my home radioactive background simply leaving the…

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NE5534 RIAA amplifier

Some time ago I’ve received a Technics SL-1910 turntable from a friend. At that time mine problem was that this turntable doesn’t have integrated RIAA…

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NaI(Tl) Crystal scintillator

This type of scintillator material is the best one that an hobbist could afford. At the moment NaI(Tl) crystals are easy to find on eBay…

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BC408 BC412 Plastic scintillators from Bicron

Some weeks ago I’ve bought from an US eBayer some cilindrical shaped plastic scintillators. From wikipedia “A scintillator is a material that exhibits scintillation —…

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SV500 Geiger counter from German Army

Hi everyone, today I’m writing about my new SV500 Geiger counter from German Army. Mine was bought from a german eBay seller specialized in surplus…

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