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MadEXP PMT Adapter v2.0 schematic/gerber files plus license. Click on the link to download. MadExp PMT MadEXP PMT Adapter v2.5 schematic/gerber files plus license. Click…

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Z80 Single Board Computer

This is my first didactic 8bit – Z80 based computer. I’ve made it because I was interested into homebrew a working computer from TTL chips…

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MS-4 γ-selective Geiger counter

This is a γ-selective Geiger counter from the “M” professional serie used also in demonstration devices for measuring the age of minerals by the activity…

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This is equivalent to SBM20 Tech. spec.: ·Radiation determine: beta ( > 0.25 MeV) ; gamma soft/hard ·Voltage of start of counting: 280 – 330…

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AC-1 High-sens β-selective Geiger counter

This tube is very hard to find. It’s made from alluminium and glass and is a β-selective Geiger counter. It’s counts only beta’s! Tech. spec.:…

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SBM-21 Micro geiger tube

This is the smalles geiger tube I could find. It’s so cute but… so insensitive to the background. It’s a good tube to build around…

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