CODAN 9360 hack software

Last month at Marzaglia ham flea market I’ve bought a CODAN 9360 radio without display for 80€. The radio comes just with a page with printed on it some info about connectors pinout and nothing more.How to use it???

My modified codan

I’ve insered a loudspeaker into the radio’s enclosure and a red light so I know if it’s powered or not. Not the cleanest result but it works. In the future I’ll totaly replace all the enclosure and made a custom case for this radio with standard front controls / display / exc… but at the moment I prefer to use it as my main BPSK/RTTY radio. In order to interface it to my PC i’ve made a cable that connects audio in/out from the DB25 connector to a chinese usb stick audio card.

The seller told me the radio accept Kenwood CAT commands via the RS232 and that I can use it via Ham Radio Deluxe as TS-480 radio.


I’ve made the RS232 cable using a 3,5mm stereo jack and a DB9 female receptacle. The PC must be connected to a USB-rs232 adapter of proved quality because the radio use true rs232 signals not TTL-UART.

DB9 pin 5 — > jack ground   pin 3 –> central jack ring    pin 2 –> external jack ring

Ham Radio Deluxe setting are Kenwood TS480 protocol 9600 bps.

Now I have all the connection to operate it via HRD. It works just well, 100W output and I’ve made a lot of digital qso’s with it. The radio have some issues that made it just barely suitable for ham radio operation like some strange frequecy response of the ssb filter and is not too much optimized for plain standard voice audio qso’s. It best fit in digital operating condition also because the big heatsink could dissipate thermal power of long continue qso’s.

If you have a CODAN 9360 and want to modify it to use kenwood cat you can flash one of this firmware on a 128k parallel eprom and replace the original one, that is present into the radio’s PCB CPU section. I’m using the version 1.6.





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