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LYSO + ZnS(Ag) new order

Today I’ve made a new order from The Rad Lab. This time I’ve found on it’s ebay store a stock of 20 LYSO crystals to…

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I’ve found this two interesting modules at Marzaglia ham radio flea market (11 May 2019) and bought for 5€. Each module have soldered two geiger…

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For Beta counting and Beta spectroscopy parpuses, Antracene (C14H10) an organic scintillator material is widely used. It’s light output yeld is the highest of the…

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Antenna rotor clean up

Some months ago I’ve received from the local A.R.I. radio club an old antenna rotor. I think it is a Daiwa but there is no…

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Mosley TA-33-JRN

I’m an ham radio operator since year 2008. I’ve started this hobby with simple and relatively cheap equipment: an FT757GX transceiver and a long wire…

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High voltage generation from 3.3-5V

This post describes my standard DC-DC HV converter You know, to power up geiger tubes or photomultipliers there the need of high voltage at very…

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STM32 Mbed Quadrature encoder input

How to use a quadrature encoder with STM32/Mbed online compiler? This code is how I’ve solved it. At first, surfing the net searching for a…

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VEB Robotron 70013

I’ve found this tube from an eBay seller called “LCI electronics”. He’s from Bulgaria. This tube was made in ex DDR, German Democratic Republic, in…

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PRC320 power supply repair

My military HF manpack radio PRC320, 3 months after I’ve bought it, started to make a whistle and was not able to tune on any…

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TF530 Amiga accellerator

Surfing the web searching for an Amiga 500 accellerator board, I’ve found a series of youtube videos about the TF530 project. TF530 is a Open…

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