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Stilbene is an organic solid scintillator material used for fast neutron detection. Characteristics: Direct detection of fast neutrons Stilbene is highly sensitive to fast neutrons,…

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CsI(Na) cutted and polished at home

June 2020. After some time searching around on the net for a scintillation material that I can shape at home, I’ve found a Dutch guy…

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OST 40x40mm NaI(Tl)

I’ve finally tested my brand new 40x40mm NaI(Tl) crystal from OST making with it a new probe for my lab. This time I’ve tested epoxy…

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Trinitite HPGe spectrum

Some months ago I’ve bought a trinitite sand from United Nuclear. They’re website description say: Early in the morning on July 16th, 1945, the first…

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CsI undoped

I’ve bought this 10x10x30mm CsI undoped crystal scintillator from Moscow. It’s looking great! Let we see what Saint Gobain tells about this type of crystal…

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The Bequerel experiment

I always desired to reproduce some experiments of first pioneers of radioactivity. Bequerel exposing some photographic plates to the radioactivity of some uranium rocks obtained…

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For Beta counting and Beta spectroscopy parpuses, Antracene (C14H10) an organic scintillator material is widely used. It’s light output yeld is the highest of the…

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Inside a russian Ge transistor

What’s inside a russian germanium transistor? I’ve a K.O. P217 metallic germanium transistor so let’s open it! The victim comes from an high voltage generator…

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Collins airborne meteo RADAR

INTRODUCTION Radar? WTF??? Yes, I’ve bought a radar on eBay for 1€!!! Seriously talking I’ve bought it plus it’s display for another 1€. 2€ for…

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BW radiation dosimeter, tactical, set 0065 B

Bundeswehr radiation dosimeter, tactical, set 0065 B   For about 25€ I’ve find this nice militar dosimeter set. It comes from german army and it’s…

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