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Collins airborne meteo RADAR

INTRODUCTION Radar? WTF??? Yes, I’ve bought a radar on eBay for 1€!!! Seriously talking I’ve bought it plus it’s display for another 1€. 2€ for…

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Amiga DB23 to SCART cable

I needed an Amiga DB23 to SCART cable. Searching online I’ve found this website Ian Stedman Thank you Ian for the nice work! I’ve tryed…

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5V to 900V step-up converter module

INTRODUCTION This project response to my need of an universal high voltage power supply to be used with mostly all type of geiger tubes that…

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Experimenting with home made computers usually results into the use of a pletora of discrete TTL IC in order, for example, to make the I/O…

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BW radiation dosimeter, tactical, set 0065 B

Bundeswehr radiation dosimeter, tactical, set 0065 B   For about 25€ I’ve find this nice militar dosimeter set. It comes from german army and it’s…

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CODAN 9360 hack software

Last month at Marzaglia ham flea market I’ve bought a CODAN 9360 radio without display. It comes just with some info about connectors pinout and…

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This is the latest Free Version of Ham Radio Deluxe 5.0.2893 compiled by Simon Brown. Download here HRD_5.0.2893 Here you can download BecquerelMonitor 2011 MCA…

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Autunite specimen from China

Recently I’ve bought a little specimen of Autunite from China. My sample is 20mm in lenght, 15mm width and 6mm thick with nice green lamellar…

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NER10 X-Ray generator

I’ve bough from eBay a NER10 X-Ray generator tube. It was build in 1925-1930 I don’t know exactly when. It’s interesting to see how well…

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PRT-E750W & PRT-E1500W vfd settings

How to set correctly the PRT-E750W and PRT-E1500W  (are equals except for the power capability) VFD supplied with CNC 3020 and CNC 6040 chinese routers….

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